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Gauteng North
Fly Fishing Association


Welcome to the home of the Gauteng North Fly Fishing Association. If you love fly fishing you have definitely come to the right place. As the controlling body for the amateur sport of fly fishing in Northern Gauteng we are responsible for the promotion and growth of the sport of fly fishing. In addition to this, as a member of the South African Fly Fishing Association, we provide a structure for our membership base to compete in the annual Youth, Ladies, Seniors and Masters South African National Fly Fishing events. 

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01 to 03 September 2023

Junior Development/Practice Weekend (Vaal River)

12 to 18 September 2023

FIPS Mouche World Seniors Championship - Slovakia


16 September 2023

GNFFA Trial Set 2024 - Trial #1: Juniors (Vaal River)

24 to 30 September 2023

FIPS Mouche World Ladies & Masters Championship - Canada

04 to 07 October 2023

SAFFA Youth Nationals (2023) - Douglas (Orange River)

14 October 2023

GNFFA Province River - Development Day (Vaal River)

25 to 28 October 2023

SAFFA Senior B Nationals - Western Cape

28 and 29 October 2023

Verlorenkloof Local Youth Development Clinic

10 to 12 November 2023

GNFFA Trial Set 2024 - Trial #2: Seniors & Juniors (Vaal River)

19 to 24 November 2023

SAFFA Masters Nationals - Barkley East

02 and 03 December 2023

Verlorenkloof Local Youth Development Clinic

12, 13 & 14 January 2024
GNFFA Trial Set 2024 - Trial #3: Senio
rs & Juniors - Bushmans River KZN (TBC)

16, 17 & 18 February 2024

GNFFA Trial Set 2024 - Trial #4: Seniors & Juniors - Verlorenkloof Estate, MP (TBC)

08, 09 & 10 March 2024

GNFFA Trial Set 2024 - Trial #5: Seniors & Juniors - Mooi River, KZN (TBC)

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We have active Youth, Ladies, Seniors and Masters groups within the province. 

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Family Fundraising Day

Some special moments from the family fund raising day that took place at Tranquil Fly Fishing just outside of Pretoria.  A brilliant day out for members and guests who attended the event.

Province News

Here are some recent news and fishing highlights.

SAFFA Ladies Nationals
19 to 22 July 2023
, MP


Team Results:

1st Place: GNFFA A Team - 51 Place Points
2nd Place: GNFFA B Team - 64 Place Points
3rd Place: MPU A Team - 64 Place Points

Top 10 Individual Results:

1st Place: Marlize Heyns (GN) - 8 Place Points
2nd Plac
e: Claire Botha (GN) - 8 Place Points

3rd Place: Amy Visser (GN) - 9 Place Points

4th Place: Linda Gorlei (KZN) - 9 Place Points
5th Place: Renthia De Waal (GN) - 10 Place Points

6th Place: Maureen Brits (GN) - 10 Place Points

7th Place: Alison O'Brien (MPU) - 11 Place Points

8th Place: Kristine Page (GN) - 12 Place Points

9th Place: Liezl Jacobs (MPU) - 12 Place Points

10th Place: Amy Tough (GN) - 12 Place Points

GNFFA Family
Fundraising Day
29 July 2023



We held a family fundraising day at Tranquil Fly Fishing just east of Pretoria on Saturday 29 July.

The day was open to anyone in the region that was keen to find out more about the sport and wanting to improve their stillwater fly fishing skills. It was great to see such a diverse group of youngsters and adults who participated in the clinic. Members from our province were on hand to meet everyone and share thei
r knowledge. From basic casting lessons to 'on the shoulder' guiding on the water for the more experienced anglers, everyone took something away from the day. 

For those of you who may be keen to join one of these events in future, keep an eye out on our social media platforms for upcoming events. 

Youth Development
Tour to Spain

April 2023

Spain Tour.JPG

Tour Highlights:

Three of our junior members, Ruben Lambrechts, Daniel van Wyk and Roarke Goosen, were part of the South African Youth Fly Fishing Development Team that participated in a fly fishing tour to Spain. They attended an intensive five day clinic with Pablo Castro Pinos and David Garcia Ferreras, two of the worlds best fly anglers who have both achieved global success on many occasions at the World Fly Fishing Championships. 

They learnt advanced euro nymphing and dry fly fishing skills. It is very exciting
to see our group of junior anglers developing into amazing fly anglers.

Lots of exciting things to come from these boys!

SAFFA Youth Nationals
05 to 08 October 2022

Vaal de Sioleh, NW

Team Results:

3rd Place: GNFFA A Team - 89 Place Points
5th Place: GNFFA B Team - 126 Place Points

Individual Results:

5th Place: Marc van Rooyen - 11 Place Points
7th Place: Roarke Goosen - 15 Place Points

11th Place: Ruben Lambrechts - 17 Place Points

16th Place: Daniel van Wyk - 20 Place Points
19th Place: Adam Freeman - 20 Place Points

20th Place: Werner Klopper - 20 Place Points

24th Place: Russell vd Westhuizen - 23 Place Points

28th Place: Francois Scholts (Jnr) - 26 Place Points

30th Place: Lewis Bolton - 28 Place Points

33rd Place: Luca Moeller - 35 Place Points

SAFFA Senior B Nationals
19 to 22 October 2022
Underberg, KZN


Team Results:

4th Place: GNFFA C Team - 133 Place Points
7th Place: GNFFA B Team - 148 Place Points

Individual Results:

3rd Place: Sholto Piek - 15 Place Points
9th Place: Chris Tough - 20 Place Points

12th Place: Hannes Lambrechts - 21 Place Points

14th Place: Marcel Destombes - 24 Place Points
15th Place: Jason Tribe - 25 Place Points

27th Place: Renthia de Waal - 32 Place Points

31st Place: Craig Lane - 35 Place Points

33rd Place: Fandre Nel - 36 Place Points

34th Place: Jonina Fourie - 36 Place Points

35th Place: Marlize Heyns - 37 Place Points

Congratulations to Jason Tribe who received the medal for the most fish caught during the nationals. He caught 22 fish in total.

Protea Youth Trials

Elgro River Lodge, NW



We are proud to announce that four of our Youth anglers have received an invitation to attend the Protea Youth Trials scheduled to take place at Elgro River Lodge over the weekend of 20 to 22 January 2023. Congratulations to the following youth members:

  • Marc van Rooyen

  • Roarke Goosen

  • Ruben Lambrechts

  • Daniel van Wyk

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Verlorenkloof Youth Development Project

The Verlorenkloof Youth Development Project was founded over a decade ago in 2011. The goal of the project is to educate and upskill the local youth from the surrounding communities in the sport of fly fishing and the importance of conservation of the environment. The programme enhances the possibility of the students finding a career path in the fly fishing industry as a local guide. 


SAFFA Ladies Nationals 2022

We were the proud hosts of the re run of the 2022 SAFFA Ladies Fly Nationals. The delayed event took place over the weekend of 24 to 25 February 2023 at Verlorenkloof Estate in Mpumalanga.


SAFFA Youth Nationals 2022

We were the proud hosts of the 2022 SAFFA Youth Fly Nationals. The event will took place from 05 to 08 October 2022 at Vaal de Sioleh, on the Vaal River. For highlights of the event click the link below.

Trial Highlights


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