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SAFFA Youth Nationals 2022

05 to 08 October 2022 - Vaal de Sioleh

Hosted by Gauteng North Fly Fishing

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Championship Format

The event will consisted of five, 3-hour competitive fly-fishing sessions spread over 3 days. A scrum session format was used for the duration of the event with five separate sectors on the Vaal River.

Eligible fish species: Smallmouth Yellowfish, Largemouth Yellowfish and Mudfish.
Minimum size limit: 150mm


SAFFA and FIPS Rules apply during the event.
Rule modifications were confirmed during the Captains Meeting.


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Event Summary

The South African Youth Fly Fishing Nationals was a huge success. A massive thank you to the Gauteng North organising team for the effort they put into making the event run perfectly.

From a fishing perspective, the five competition sectors that were chosen provided different skill set challenges for the competitors. From shallow ankle deep fast riffle water to chest deep slow glides, the competition had it all. A total of 780 fish were caught during the event. Considering that we had anglers competing from ages 11 to 19 years of age, it is really exciting to see our youth anglers doing so well.

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Final Team Results

Results after 5 sessions
1st: Limpopo A - 76 Place Points

2nd: Cape Winelands A - 82 Place Points

3rd: Gauteng North A - 89 Place Points

4th: KwaZulu Natal A - 93 Place Points
5th: Gauteng North B - 126 Place Points

6th: Cape Winelands B - 139 Place Points

7th: Central Gauteng A - 154 Place Points

8th: KwaZulu Natal B - 187 Place Points

9th: Limpopo B - 209 Place Points

Limpopo A team.jpg
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Final Individual Results

Final Individual Results (Top 10)
1st: Daniel Duane (KZN A) - 5 Place Points

2nd: Kade Thompson (LIM A) - 9 Place Points

3rd: Le Roux Roos (CW A) - 10 Place Points
4th: Liam O'Flaherty (CG A) - 11 Place Points

5th: Marc van Rooyen (GN A) - 11 Place Points
6th: Luke Fairhead (LIM A) - 13 Place Points

7th: Roarke Goosen (GN A) - 15 Place Points

8th: Benjamin Blaauw (CW A) - 15 Place Points

9th: David Mulder (LIM A) - 15 Place Points

10th: Theo Van Niekerk (CG A) - 17 Place Points

*If there was a tie on place points, fish points were used as a tie breaker.


Below is a list of the teams that entered the event.

Central Gauteng Logo.jpg

A Team

Liam O'Flaherty

Theo Van Niekerk

Ewan Oates

Angler 4 (TBC)

Angler 5 (TBC)
Manager - Marc Vincente


Le Roux Roos
Jabsi Louw

Ruben Petrus Burger

Ben Blaauw

Liam Swart
Manager - Louis de Jager

A Team


Province Team

Ethan Burgess
Johan Cronje

Dru Guberman

Angus van Ees

Hendrik Jacobus Lourens
Non Fishing Captain - Tim Pope Ellis

Copy of GNFFA Logo.png

A Team

Marc van Rooyen
Roarke Goosen

Ruben Lambrechts

Adam Freeman

Francois Scholtz
Non Fishing Captain - Amy Visser

Copy of GNFFA Logo.png

Lewis Bolton
Luca Moeller

Werner Klopper

Daniel van Wyk

Russell van der Westhuizen
Non Fishing Captain - Garth Bolton

B Team


A Team

Daniel Duane

Jack Walters

Griffin Price

Peter Louwrens

Speedy Walters
Non Fishing Captain - Graeme Duane


B Team

Daniel Cruickshank
Sean Robinson

Adam Fitzsimmons

Angler 4 (TBC)

Angler 5 (TBC)
Non Fishing Captain - Stewart Price


Kade Thompson

Luke Fairhead

Campbell Maclean

Cary Owtram

David Mulder
Manager - Peter Schulenburg

A Team


B Team

Bodo Schulenburg

Angler 2 (TBC)

Angler 3 (TBC)

Angler 4 (TBC)

Angler 5 (TBC)
Manager/Non Fishing Captain



The competition sectors were are as follows:

Sector 1: Oom Koos' Waters | Distance: 1.2 km from Vaal de Sioleh | Travel Time: 5 mins
Sector 2: River Run Resort (Upper) | Distance:
38 km from Vaal de Sioleh | Travel Time: 45 mins
Sector 3: Thabela Thabeng | Distance: 4.7 km from Vaal de Sioleh | Travel Time: 15 mins
Sector 4: Vaal de Sioleh | Distance: 0 km from Vaal de Sioleh | Travel Time: 0 mins
Sector 5: River Run Resort (Lower) | Distance: 38 km from Vaal de Sioleh | Travel Time: 45 mins

Vaal River Comp Sectors_edited.jpg
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